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All of our classrooms create lesson plans based off of the individual child’s development level. The teachers do daily observations and assessments to make goals for the children in the 5 domains of the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Once goals and developmental milestones are completed, the teachers make note of the progress in the child’s portfolio.

Infant Care

Kid's Kingdom starts its infant care at six weeks. With one teacher for every four children, your child will get close attention from our teachers. Infants are provided with a loving, family environment with consistent routines so that children feel comfortable and happy. As your child starts to grow, he or she will receive special guidance to learn and grow. Our teachers read books with your child, do small art projects with their hand and feet, work on basic movement, and start to teach the basics of language development. There is plenty of time given to both nap time and play time so your child can have fun and explore or sleep and dream sweetly.

Toddler Care 

As your child begins to grow, our teachers will work to develop small and large muscle movements. From rolling, to jumping, to crawling and walking, our staff is here to help your child with plenty of support and guidance. Your child will be involved with activities to expand their imagination and inspire curiosity. With a wide variety of educational toys from musical instruments to puzzles and stacking blocks, your little boy or girl will have fun learning new things through play. Reading, art and science projects, dancing, singing, and fun exercises are all incorporated to help make learning fun.

Young Preschool

Young preschool brings in a whole new world of exploration. Children start to develop areas of interest and are given time to explore, construct, study, and talk. They are able to help fill their own curiosities. Our teachers are there to help children to learn how they want to learn while giving helpful guidance to make sure they stay on track. Several times a day, classrooms meet as a group to learn colors, read their favorite books, paint fun art projects, or sing and dance. When weather permits, the children are brought outside to play in their own private play area with kid-sized houses, sandboxes, and a variety of places to climb and explore. Your child will engage in memorable experiences with friends and obtain the necessary knowledge to continue their forward growth.


When your child reaches the preschool age, they will become engaged in more formal learning programs. Children are introduced to numbers and letters through fun games and interactive projects. Music and movement are incorporated more frequently, as are more primary skills of writing and drawing. Outdoor play times and activities are incorporated two times daily to ensure your child is staying healthy and energized. Nutritional meals are served as a group with teachers so that children are able to learn proper behavior, social interaction, and communicative skills. Children are given choices throughout the day and then receive time to reflect and determine how the choices they made played out. As the year moves forward, children learn the months of the year, holidays, and the seasons through fun art projects and games.


Our pre-kindergarten program introduces more hands-on learning combined with education objectives. Our teachers work with you the parent to set short and long term goals for your child. Your child will the learn basic skills to prepare them for a more formal school life. Reading, math, science, and writing skills are developed through a variety of fun projects and games. A daily schedule is followed to help your child begin to develop a rhythm of learning throughout the day. Heavier subjects are broken up with outdoor play time (weather permitting), group interactives, painting and drawing, music and dance, and family-style meals.

School Age

Kids Kingdom Day Care provides before and after school care to school-age children with transportation to many area schools. The before school care offers your child a nutritional breakfast (depending on arrival and departure times), and provides an area of socialization, light physical activity, and a relaxed learning environment to prepare them for the day. We'll bring them to the school, or help them onto the school bus to make sure they get to school safely and on time. After school, our staff will meet your child at the school bus or pick them up in our state-approved and licensed Kids Kingdom minibus! When you child arrives back, they are given a snack if they want one and are able to play outside or in one of our learning centers. We provide a comfortable area for your child to unwind after a long day at school. Recreation and socialization allow your child to learn important social skills. Our teachers are also on hand to help direct your child with their daily homework or basic studies.

Summer Camps

Summer camps are offered every summer with a relaxed curriculum that allows your child to have fun, explore, and learn through a variety of different classes, projects, games, cultural activities, and field trips. Children and parents can help to give input on ideas for programs, games, and field trips. This helps children feel engaged and helps them become excited to learn. Summer programs include field trips, cooking projects, and monthly calendars with special activities daily. We also participate in a summer reading program with the Appleton Public Library. When we aren't out traveling around, children get large amounts of recreation time in our many different play areas, nutritional meals from our in-house kitchen, and lots of socialization with teachers and friends.