Kid's Kingdom Day Care has a dedicated focus to bring your child healthy ingredients in his or her daily meals. Children need great nutrition to continue growing big and strong. Kid's Kingdom gives them whole grain bread and pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, and well-rounded meals featuring fresh proteins with healthy sides. We provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack to all enrolled children in attendance during those times of day. The meals are served family-style and are based on wholesome nutrition. Our menus are state approved and are included in the tuition fees charged. The children are encouraged to serve themselves and to try new foods.


Whether indoors or outdoors, your child will get a healthy dose of physical activity everyday. With plenty of crawling and climbing for toddlers, to play rooms, games, and fun exercises involving small and large muscle movements for older kids. Each age group also has their own dedicated outdoor play area, so your child is able to get outside and run, play, and have adventures without getting bullied off of all of the fun toys by the bigger kids. Jungle gyms, houses, swings, and more await to keep your child's body and imagination active!


At Kid's Kingdom, we are not just here to watch your child. We have teachers dedicated to help you child learn and grow. Whether it's developing basic language and motor skills, learning the parts of the face or learning to walk with the little ones, or reading, writing, science, or arithmetic with the bigger kids, our teachers are here to make sure your child is developing into a smart young girl or boy. But, that's not all, we want to keep your child well-rounded so we incorporate games, music and movement, art projects at every age level, and computer experiences to keep learning fun and engaging.